Lesson Policies

I understand that piano lessons are a significant investment of time, energy and money. In order to help you make the most of them, I implement the following policies:


I conduct free interviews before beginning lessons with each student. This is an excellent way for me to know how best to fit their needs and for them to get a better sense of my teaching style and expectations. Some important topics for all of us could include:

-What is your musical background?

-What are your goals for musicmaking?

-How often can/will the student practice?

Lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on availability and the level and desire of the student. Sometimes it is best for students to take lessons every other week.


Music and other learning materials may be required and should be purchased by the student. I use free resources and sheet music online as freqeuntly as I can. Often, though, sheet music available for free can be difficult to read or inaccurate. For young beginning students, I tend to use Faber's Piano Adventures for lesson books.


Consistent practicing is essential for developing piano skills. The specific needs for each student will vary depending on age and experience. Together, we will determine what kinds of practicing (and how much) should take place in order to accomplish your musical goals.


Playing in front of others is an important part of developing as a musician. It solidifies learning and is easily transferred to increased confidence in other areas (public speaking or sports). I do not require students to participate in recitals or festivals, but I encourage any opportunity.


The cost for lessons is a rate of $45/hr, due monthly.


For online lessons, a few things are required:

  • a Skype or Zoom account

  • stable internet connection

  • a well-lit keyboard or piano

  • camera (or smartphone)

Preferred, but not required:

  • external microphone

Using these materials significantly increases the experience for everyone involved, improving the ability to receive feedback. Part of the interview for online lessons will be spent on optimizing technology and camera placement.

For students not taking online lessons regularly, being familiar with how to make a lesson online can be helpful in case of mild sickness/inclement weather.